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We're working on the site so excuse the mess, broken links, missing images, and all the other "problems". The site is still not officially LIVE
but we have high hopes of launching very soon. There will be no direct commerce on the site initially - it is more of a support and information utility - but if you are looking to purchase a kite, click here.

We've been having a great time flying the new arrivals and will post our new pictures and information as we can.
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We can be contacted at:
[email protected].
News and Info
Nahant Beach
Great wind, piping hot, loads of kites! Jim has achieved even more skill at hitting Scott in the head with kites!

New Kite Designs!
We're working with our friends in China on some new ideas...
The Dragon Soars!
Beverly High School field turned out to be the ideal place to send the dragon up on its first flight.
July 4th Weekend
We managed to get in a little kite flying over the July 4th weekend - in southern Maine and Salem, MA