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The Dragon Soars!

The conditions were right and the Beverly High School field was pretty much empty (as inexperienced pilots we wanted to play it safe), so we sent the 130' dragon kite up for its first flight.

Things started out a little rough. To look at it, it is hard to imagine that the thing will fly at all. Well, it flew alright, taking off while we were still setting up. After untangling the resulting mess and being much more respectful of the kite's aerodynamics, we had a successful and spectacular liftoff a short time later.

This kite is quite the workout to fly. The wind was around 15mph. Anything much more and we’d need two at the rope just to keep control.

We got this on video and will post it here when we convert it over.

Lift Off
And away she goes
No troubles
Keeping her in the air isn't a problem.
Another shot
A large image of the dragon in the air.
Side View
You can see the disk structure of the kite.
What should we name her?
A gentle landing