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Reverend Ray

Ray is in China on a mission to teach, of all things, English. Go figure. Follow his adventures through his journal entries below. Note that Ray, despite his teaching assignment, is not a 'delicate' speaker. If you'd like his field reports cleaned up for language, click here.

    July 8th: Shanghai
    July 9th: 25 ¢ draught beer
    July 10th: Alone in Shanghai
    July 11th: The Big Wait
    July 12th: A Walk in the Park
    July 13th: Hangzhou...finally
    July 14th: High school?
    July 15th: Just a little warm
    July 16th: Opening Ceremony
    July 19th: another day, another entry
    July 21st: improv and fist fights
    July 22nd: Good ole' america